Become a sponsor

To be a sponsor of CHIGAMBAS:

For SEK 1000 a year (1200 if you wish to pay per month) you can help a child in The Gambia for schooling. In The Gambia, this sum can change a person's life forever. For this, your sponsor child receives education from trained teachers, textbooks, their own school desk, school uniform, school lunch and medical care when the child is sick. The money is also sufficient for school buildings.

As a sponsor, you will get a photo of your child and some information about the child's family and background facts. You can also write directly to your child in English, which the child learns in school. Your sponsor child gets a code number that makes the letters that you send to The Gambia come to your particular child.

It is also possible to visit the child in The Gambia, in the school and in their home. CHIGAMBAS can help arrange the trip to Basse where we have our school projects.

As information from the association in Sweden, the magazine "CHIGAMBAS-NYTT" is made twice a year. In this magazine, we try to inform the sponsors about what is happening in the association in Sweden and what is happening in The Gambia. You can read it here on the webpage, and if you have chosen the alternative to pay via paper invoice, you will also receive a magazine together with your invoice. The magazine is also available in English, just contact and ask for the translated version. 

If you haven´t chosen to pay per month, payment is made in May for the current academic year.

There are three simple ways to become a sponsor:

1: Fill in the form below

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Invoice via e-mail
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Payment per month, SEK 100 via KIVRA
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2: Send us a mail by using this button:

3: Call our sponsor administrator

Susann Eriksson, phone number

+46708 / 409481