About Chigambas


We are a non-profit association whose aim is to raise the quality of life for poor children and to defend their rights.

The purpose of the association is to find sponsors for the children who do not have the financial conditions to go to school and to support the association's work in The Gambia. The association is politically and religiously independent.

CHIGAMBAS believes that all children have the right to education. We believe that the child's future is based on education. The association is trying to motivate families and also entire villages to assist with school buildings etc, which unites the child, the family and the immediate environment. This is a method to help people to help themselves which, in turn, creates development and strengthens the self-esteem of these people.

We believe that our educational program for children in U.R.R (Upper River Region) in The Gambia strengthens the child's self-esteem and protects the rights of the child in accordance with UNICEF's "Convention on the Rights of the Child".

Here you can read more about how CHIGAMBAS started.